The Future

At the end of the 21st century, humans continued to set off into space to colonize the moon and Mars and build numerous space stations in our own solar system. By the beginning of the 22nd century, technology was so advanced that the first unmanned probes were sent to the nearest solar system, Proxima Centauri.

The data those probes sent back was clear: The star systems around Proxima and Alpha Centauri were significantly more stable than the previous long-range scans had suggested. The first manned interstellar travel to unknown systems soon followed for further exploration. The missions confirmed several Earth-like planets with well-developed flora and fauna within the habitable zone - Man’s journey to new worlds could begin!

The beginning of a new world

In 2120 the first settler ships reached the remote system and laid the foundation for the first human habitats outside our solar system. The new world was christened “Centerra”. Resources and materials for the construction of the settlements were sufficiently available. And in the dense jungles of the unexplored areas there were numerous unknown, primitive life forms that were peaceful toward the settlers.

To speed up the construction of the new world various robots were developed for all sorts of tasks, such as the construction of habitats, the production of goods, infrastructure, logistics, as well as defense. They initially behaved like small, inexperienced children, making plenty of mistakes, but steadily learned and became more and more integrated into society. To ensure that this experiment was successful, the emotion chip was developed, which provided the robots with a sense of emotion, the so-called “MOJO” Chip.

The catastrophic disaster

What followed was a disaster that no one had anticipated: enormous emissions of ionized magnesium increased the lethal radiation levels from Proxima Centauri on the planet Centerra within a short time so that this new home was no longer inhabitable.

Chaos broke out, many left the city, fleeing to the mountains and deep cavern systems, others left the planet with the last functioning spaceships. The robots, disabled by the strong magnetic fields, were left behind, all alone in the ruins of humanity.

A Phoenix rises from the ashes

It took many years until the radiation dropped back to normal levels. The native life forms had largely survived. However they suffered from strong mutations due to the dangerous radiation. The robots reactivated gradually and began to think about their situation. For sources of information, they used all the remaining functional memory banks from the abandoned colonies. They decided... to survive! The next logical evolutionary step was to build a separate society from the ruins of this outpost of humanity. But who should lead it?

Relying on their information about humans and an acquired survival instinct, they came to the conclusion that this question should be decided according to the law of the strongest, as biological evolution had previously shown. The strongest and smartest robots shall prevail. Will the bots decide to live in anarchy or flourish within a new society - the choice is yours!

Welcome to Centerra, welcome to Robomaniac - Artificial Lifestyle Evolution!

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