Daily fun in a cool atmosphere

On the distant world “Centerra”, slip in to the role of a robot and become a hero and a leader who saves the world from destruction. Challenge your competitors and show that you belong to those fighting in the first division, and can protect the world from attack. Develop your robot character, compete against other robots and creatures, and tackle challenging tasks and quests!

ROBOMANIAC is a fluid, hassle-free and fast-paced mid-core game with long-term motivation. It offers an exciting story and a modern, attractive game design. Most importantly, the game is tons of fun to play: The world of Centerra is well thought out and defined not only by its captivating features but also its subtle humor - a self-deprecating tone and pleasant irony is always noticeable and offers daily fun in a relaxed setting.


Your robot, referred to as “BOT” is at the center of the game action. From the beginning, you have the option to individually equip your Bot with different weapons, drive modules, blades, and numerous other body elements from energy cells to booster packs. Your bot can even have its own drone, a sort of “pet” for robots that always follows your bot and stands at its side even in difficult times.

Using your Workshop, you can repair, upgrade and level up the various elements of your bot. In your habitat and its surroundings you can send your bot on different missions, fight other bots, or send it to work in the factory, so you can use a few credits to buy or sell important boosters and upgrades at the marketplace. Another strategic part of managing your BOT is to trade in parts and items as well as wheel and deal with other players.


A special feature of Robomaniac is the ingenious mix of established RPG elements such as character levels and the fascination of fantasy sports. Your ultimate goal is not just completing missions, leveling up your bot and lucrative trading, but winning essential daily league battles and ascending to higher leagues!

Each night your bot fights against other bots from your league. Every week the goal of each of the 8 players is to have their bot end up on the top of the ladder. Each day you can take a look at fight report of your bot’s League Fight, and set up your best tactics for the next fight. You always have several ways and many tactical varieties to lead you and your bot to victory. Only those who fight in the higher leagues receive fame and fortune on Centerra. Only they can go into battle alongside other players in alliances to protect Centerra from the clutches of nasty and ill-tempered creatures from the wilds!


Robomaniac places a lot of emphasis on fair play with an active and friendly community, both of which are essential parts of a great browser game! Of course, each player has the option to play on their own. But they also have the option to interact with other players in the game to trade, haggle over prices, rumble in the Fight League or ally against common enemies and threats. It’s all up to you - Your bot is waiting for you...

Welcome to Centerra, welcome to Robomaniac - Artificial Lifestyle Evolution!

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