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Journey into the Future... Discover the World of Bots!

Genius: RPG + Fantasy Sports


The future has begun! On the distant planet Centerra people are forced to leave their colonies hastily due to a catastrophic disaster. They leave their technology behind, even the robots, their “bots” they once created to build and defend the colonies.

After more than 30 years the “bots” wake up in the ruins of humanity and decide... to survive! But who should lead? On the one hand there is anarchy, on the other the bots seek to create a new society... a new life form is born! » the whole story


Robomaniac offers an exciting mix of RPG and Sports Manager: Equip your “bot” in your own Workshop with fantastic weapons and numerous items. Initially get them from the junkyard, later from the big factory.

Fight with your bot in the Metal Kings League for glory and cold, hard Credits. Moreover, there are adventurous missions and quests to fulfill, in order to defend the Habitat against other bots and nasty creatures! » more info

Real MMO, genuine fair play

Use different strategies to achieve success. Trading bot parts, thrilling league battles and tournaments, and real multiplayer feeling - you’re the boss of your workshop, your research laboratory, your alliance! The Game Supporters always ensure fair play and provide you with support for questions and problems.

Welcome to Centerra... your bot is waiting for you!

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